Dairyman Spotlight - Cow Cooling


Agpro, Inc. introduces the ultimate in cow cooling systems.


Loss of milk production due to heat stress varies from 8 to 30% based upon various University studies of dairies in the Southeast.  Not only is milk lost, but reproduction and overall herd health is diminished by heat stress.  When cows are heat stressed, respiration and sweating rates increase in an effort to dissipate heat resulting in a decrease of dry matter intake and milk production.





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Your source for dairy waste management needs


Agpro Inc. has a complete line for your waste management needs. Speciality flush equipment can clean facilities in a matter of seconds while our manure handling equipment will separate solids from liquids to dramatically decrease the size of your waste retention structures. Whether you are designing a new facility or remodeling an existing one, Agpro® has the experience and equipment that can insure your success.

Your dairy engineers

Five-G Consulting, Inc. provides a range of complete design services from site selection through plan development to construction management. Let us help you save on not only construction but also operational costs by planning your dairy for efficiency geared to your needs. We utilize the latest technology and modern concepts in dairy design to meet yours and the regulatory agencies high standards.

Your dairy waste flushing system


Flush valves are the heart and soul of any flush system. If you need powerful flush valves, this is your source!  WaveFlush™ flush valves are designed by Agpro® engineers to effectively release turbulent waters that sweep away manure, bedding and other dairy wastes in just seconds. These are not irrigation valves, they are flush valves. Check out the site, then call to order your valves direct and save. These flush cleaning valves put water to work for you.

Your dairy construction professionals


With Delta Livestock Construction, the owner is integrally involved and maintains ultimate control of the construction delivery process.  We will work with you to select the methods and equipment best suited to your particular project.  Our Design / Build method of construction saves time, money and frustration by allowing us to provide both design and construction services.  Our methods simplify the construction process and reduce costs.   We are your single source for construction when cost, quality, schedule and performance are top priorities.

Complete line of manure separators by Agpro®


Where there's a problem, there is a solution. More stringent regulations and requirements make waste management a top concern at dairies and livestock operations. With our eight different separation units, Agpro® Inc. is the solution. We have the tools to analyze, design, manufacture, sell, install and service the most complete selection of manure separations systems in the industry.

Automate your animal feeding with Paris Pro Products


The Agpro® Pro Feeder- automatic horse feeder is beneficial for both owners and horses. Horses benefit greatly from frequent small meals. An automatic horse feeder will improve both your and your horses quality of life. The feeder is water tight and constructed from stainless steel. Horsemen and equine professionals across the country are discovering the advantages of the Agpro® Pro Feeder - automatic horse feeders.

Your natural ventilation experts

Cow comfort specialists